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1200x600 Ceiling Tile Tatra SE Square Edge 1200mm

Tatra SE Square Edge1200x600 Ceiling Tile 1200mm AWI BP952 10nr tiles per box


Price per carton , 10nr tiles = coverage 7.20m2

If you’re looking for high quality and durable ceiling tiles, then you’re in the right place. Armstrong uses quality materials that also ensure a very pleasant aspect to the tiles. Built and cut with precision, they fit perfectly onto the grid system.

This is one of the factors that ensures their sound attenuation and absorption qualities. Thus, the Tatra Square Edge ceiling tiles add to a room’s acoustic and thermal insulation. You can use them in classrooms or other venues intended for schooling and similar activities.

These ceiling tiles feature a multi-directional fissured surface pattern and fit on 24mm grid systems. Their discreet, simple and neutral look and color makes them suitable for a wide variety of interior decor styles, from casual to formal, and so on. Any type of furnishings in the room or space, any colors.

They can be used in schools, institutions, hospitals, office spaces, garages, deposits, stores. Just about everything from residential to commercial.




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Product Description

Dimensions (mm) 1200x600x15
Specification 34db 75% RH
Tiles per box 10
Carton Coverage 7.20m²
Carton Weight 24.00 Kg
Product Number BP 952 M3B

These particular tiles are some of the larger ones in this range, which makes them especially suitable for very wide ceilings that you want to mask quickly and efficiently. They fit onto 24 mm grid systems, so they can be used to replace damaged tiles as well.

Additional Information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 1200 x 600 x 150 mm


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